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EASY TO USE for all ages, sizes and skill levels from beginner to advanced. The National Geographic Pro Series detector doesn’t come with any accessories; however, it does come with an instructional manual. A bright LCD display with large format numbers provides quick access to information when a child is on the hunt.

A few of these devices will even let you know how far down the item is in the ground. Once the mechanism senses the metal under the surface, it lets the user know.

It will bring walk-through metal detectors to the high school and middle school. It might be 15 or 20 minutes each, it might be longer or shorter depending how much time you have available and how many kids are sharing the one detector. The wrong tool can make your detecting time increase up to way many folds. There are various types of metal detectors such as for beach, searching for relics etc.

Coins are usually the most found item just below the surface of the ground. These can make the difference between finding something valuable and detecting just some old piece of iron. No accessories come with this product, but it has several modes and adjustable settings. It will find all metals including steel, iron, aluminum, brass, silver, and gold, plus uses two batteries that are 9V alkaline. The design is comfortable to handle, lightweight, and ergonomic for kids.

Ground balance is one way to help prevent the machine from picking up EVERYTHING. 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty: Treasure Cove offers an industry leading warranty of 10 years on all of their products, which is definitely a benefit when you have kids. Many kids who are new to detecting will be excited to see if what they dig up does indeed match what the machine might suggest it could be.

Bounty Hunter and Fisher (same company) offer a five-year warranty with the exception of the Junior model which is only a one year warranty. It is widely accepted in the detecting industry that Minelab has the best technology in their detectors. The only downside to this detector for kids is that it weighs just over 4 lbs which can be a little heavy for younger kids (compare this to 2.2lbs of the Compadre). With additional discrimination features, modes and target ID capabilities, the F22 is loaded with features while remaining very affordable. This detect,or is built like a tank so it can withstand the wear and tear your child might subject it to.

Some metal detectors are produced to detect specific metal material goods, while others have the different detect function. When she’s not busy crafting posts & researching about compelling content ideas, she can be spotted playing outdoors with her two adorable children. If introduced online from a young age, th,is is the perfect activity to get your children into the fresh air for endless fun-filled afternoons of adventure and discovery. One thing that a large number of people overlook is the fact that you have to dig up the treasure after you find it.

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We would recommend this metal detector for juniors ages 6 – 11 and we think its one of the best child’s metal detectors. This is a Metal Detector that’s a little more serious for the mini detectorist, The Bounty Hunter Junior can be used by kids as young as 6 years old up to the ages of around 11. If you are trying to peak your child’s interest in the Metal Detecting hobby then it’s a good place to start for a smaller child. Don’t expect a lot out of this child’s metal detector, it won’t go all that deep.

While I’ve categorized them according to age range, make sure you read the reviews carefully to find the right option for your child. To help you make the right choice, here’s a list of six of the best kids metal detectors. These detectors are capable of finding relics, jewelry, coins and even gold.